Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little good news...

I recently joined the CTRWA (Connecticut Romance Writers of America). While I don't write category romance, the group is open to writers of all genres. I attended their "Fiction Fest 2011" and meeting this lively group of writers inspired me to join. There's a broad spectrum of interests and experience in the group, but I am most impressed with the  generosity of the members with their time, advice and support. 

Writers are writers - no matter what the topic. It's good to be among them again.

Oh... I have a bit of good news. I discovered recently that two anthologies that contain my work have been released for Kindle -

"Cream:  The Best of the Erotic Readers and Writers Association"


"Who's Your Daddy?"

What a nice surprise!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm back

Hello again ...

Well, that NANO thing didn't work out. Life has a way of taking you in a completely different direction when you least expect it. I won't bore you with the details, but between work issues and health issues, the past year has been challenging to say the least.

I now have the time, energy and a whisp of a muse... so I hope to start some new projects soon. I'm not going to promise to post every day, or even every week. But I am here, and I appreciate those of you who hung in there with me.



Saturday, October 9, 2010


I did it. Signed up for NaNoWriMo. I have been away from my fiction muse for far too long.

Not that I don't write every day - I do. My work requires me to write and lately, I have been concentrating on non-erotic works.

But, there are a few erotic stories that keep poking at me - and they need release. My hope is that NaNoWriMo will force me to focus and get one of them working. Not sure that 50,000 words is enough for any of them, or that they will fill 50,000 words - but we'll see.

And now that I've told you all that I'm doing this, the shame of failure is another impetus.

So, I am not quite sure yet which story I will focus on - but I will try to keep you posted.

Wish me luck,


A 99 word flasher - "Communication Skills"

They’d been exchanging glances all morning. She crossed her legs and smoothed her skirt, fingers dancing over her thighs.

Another glance.

He smiled.

At lunch, they met in the coatroom. His hands slid her skirt up. Her hands slid his zipper down. He lifted. She spread. They joined. In silence, they rocked to completion.

Straightening their clothes, they returned to their seats.

In the office on Tuesday, her boss asked, “How was it?”

“How was what?”

“The Communication Skills seminar! Learn anything new?”

With a cryptic smile she replied, “Yes. And brushed up on a few old skills, too.”

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Cinquain

Is that moment
Right after we love
When I have to remind myself
To breathe.

In the Cinquain mood again...

I silently give thanks
To the person who invented

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lost and Found - Flash Fiction in 99 words

She is lost.

His fingers slowly trace every curve. From her toes to her knees, from belly to breasts, his fingers travel the landscape of her body. Like an explorer, he climbs every peak. With each proprietary touch, he claims her, inch by inch.

His hands slip around her throat and his thumbs frame the hollow there. He leans forward to kiss the wildly beating pulse, singing her surrender.

She trembles uncontrollably as with each touch, each kiss he takes possession. He drinks her tears and with a whispered, “Mine,” she is found.

She is home.

She is his.